My first free thing - iPod Shuffle

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14-09-2005 21:15:42

I'm happy. That's all. I'm sure you know the feeling.
Thank you Gratis / Freepay. Thank you freeipodguide and forums. You guys have a really good thing going here. Keep it up.


14-09-2005 21:22:29

congrats man!

what was your timeline?


14-09-2005 21:55:27

I hate refferal sites, they take forever. The only ones i've finished (free shuffle) took like 6 months. I finished flashipods for a shuffle in a day using the points system, cost me $35... so whatever =\


14-09-2005 22:09:04



14-09-2005 22:10:14

[quotef41c879e27="theysayjump"]congrats man!

what was your timeline?[/quotef41c879e27]

It took me a little under 2 months. Not too bad, really, but not too good considering some of the biggest names around here getting their iPod Nano shipped the same day Apple announced it, eh?

Is FlashiPods4free the best as far as point-based sites go? Is that part of another network? If I could get an iPod Nano with a point-based site, I think I'd go for it. Right now I'm about to take my Shuffle in and trade up for a Nano 4gb for an extra $110, but free IS better.


14-09-2005 22:16:53

flashipods is part of the Transcendent Innovations network, which is one of the most popular, fastest growing out there. The other sites are way too hard though ( I've already spent $40 on yourfreeflatscreen and i'm less than half the way there.
you can do trainn sites point based or refferal


14-09-2005 22:36:26

I have an account at that I did for a trade with someone else. But now I can't log into my account. Looks like they've had server trouble.
You have no idea how this is tearing me apart. If I find I can relatively easily get a 20 gig iPod (free or close), then I can open my iPod Shuffle now and play with it. If not, I have to leave my shiny new shuffle in its box so I can get $120 toward the purchase of my 4gb Nano. If I get the 20gig iPod from one of these free sites, I can trade that straight up for a Nano (because I already have a 10gb 3rd gen iPod, so don't really want a 20gig full iPod). What to do, what to do. Hm... I just wish I could log in to FlashiPods4free.