Freepay iPod Nanos and FreeGiftPlanet

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13-09-2005 01:24:17

Just requested approval for iPod nanos - got all my refs the old fashioned way (text link on By the time they approve me I expect I'll have 3-4 more greens. Oh well. With any luck I'll get this within a few weeks.

I talked with the guy that runs OrderIt4Free and I'm all set to get an iSight - I did vid prof, orexis and jeunesse and got a referral to do jeunesse. That should get here late next month.

And a couple weeks ago I did two Bingo offers that were on FreeGiftPlanet totalling 3800 points (which is a lot). Each one required a $10 Neteller deposit. I let a friend play with the money - he lost all $10 at one and turned the other $10 into $50.

3800 points is exactly enough for a $25 and a $50 supercertificate (which is a gift certificate you use to buy other gift certificates at So I'm up $30 and get $75 to spend at amazon or best buy or something. I'm hoping that since they just email this prize they'll fulfill quickly.

I've been doing FreeGiftPlanet/points sites for a while now, I thought it was funny how many things I've ordered

(the numbers on the right are point costs) 9/7/2005 110100 PM Processing 2500
$50 gift cert 9/7/2005 110100 PM Processing 1300
$25 gift cert 9/23/2004 103700 PM Shipped 1100
The Simpsons DVD (I think season 2) 9/14/2004 23900 PM Shipped 750
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD 9/7/2004 60900 PM Shipped 750
American Beauty DVD 8/25/2004 22800 PM Shipped 3100
Shure e2c earbuds 8/17/2004 93500 PM Shipped 300

Which means I've been doing this for well over a year now. Sheesh. It also means I have earned 9800 points in total. About a thousand of those were gifts from Gratis for doing stuff for them. I still use my FreeDesktopPC for lieverythingli, and it's still plugged into my FreeFlatScreen. I was one of the last batch to get a 3g iPod - I sold that and got a 20gb, then sold that and got a 60gb photo. Can I even count $200 of the photo as free? I don't think so.

The only sites I ever traded for were PVPs4Free (this was pre-offers of doom) and FreeMiniMacs. Who needs trades? D


13-09-2005 07:15:42

Wow I always assumed you just didn't really do sites anymore, but then you show otherwise


13-09-2005 10:42:08

The gift certs do come really quickly from them, I ordered one about a month ago and it came in a matter of days.


13-09-2005 10:48:19

i assumed you didnt do sites anymore as well.


13-09-2005 10:54:28

it would kinda suck to run a free stuff message board without actually getting any free stuff lol


13-09-2005 11:00:28

You're right - once I finished MiniMacs and PVPs I was pretty much turned off and done with sites (lots of scams going and the PVPs approval process sucked balls (denied approval 3 times)). After a several month break I guess I was missing the thrill )


13-09-2005 11:30:24

does freegiftplanet have referrals or all points?

is there a way to sign up under somebody or is alone the same


13-09-2005 11:39:45

You get something like 10 points for a referral. It can come in handy when you're really close to getting a gift and don't want to do another offer.


13-09-2005 15:51:06

10 points per confirmed email signup on the points sites. It's pretty mucn nothing.

To be honest I don't like the points sites anymore - the offers aren't very good. Back in the day they had several dozen, a ton of no-cc offers and a lot of low value ones. Now they have pretty much the same offers as the regular Gratis sites and the point values aren't that attractive. The bingo offers I did weren't up for very long, I guess I got lucky on those.


14-09-2005 09:46:08

Just received my $75 supercertificate from freegiftplanet )

Ordered 6.5 days ago.