Gratis PSP - Approved in one day!

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03-08-2005 08:00:49

Wow, I requested approval yesterday, and my PSP account's status was approved today. Insane!! (sorry about the jacked up screenshot stuff.. all I have is paint)

http/" alt=""/[/imgd58a4ff97d]


03-08-2005 08:56:50

Congrats. Although I don't understand why people make threads about requesting approval.... I requested approval for free360xbox a few days ago and I haven't posted anything. I'm not trying to bash your thread or anything though... ;)

As long as you keep updating it.


03-08-2005 09:00:22

Let us know what version you get, the black or new white one.


03-08-2005 09:01:44

He'll probably get black.


03-08-2005 16:19:10

the white one is not out till the 31st august and only availabe to asia and oceania at the moment but you might get a yellow one

there was a press release about a yellow model D

(i'm getting a white one on the 31st of august - not free paid for)