20GB iPod Recieved!1

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31-05-2005 14:45:37

My first freebie, a 20GB iPod from FreeiPods.com!!

Thanks Gratis, FreeipodGuide.com, my referrals, and everyone I've bugged!



31-05-2005 14:48:12

nice to see members losing their free virginity ;)
I cant believe freeipods is still possible to complete shock


31-05-2005 14:48:17

Post a Picture. I got mine back in september man. Congrats btw


31-05-2005 15:16:13

http//i7.photobucket.com/albums/y280/Microchris/Freeipods/dsc00009.jpg[" alt=""/imgfaeb5f8b1b]

[img="faeb5f8b1b]http//i7.photobucket.com/albums/y280/Microchris/Freeipods/dsc00010.jpg[" alt=""/imgfaeb5f8b1b]

[img="faeb5f8b1b]http//i7.photobucket.com/albums/y280/Microchris/Freeipods/dsc00011.jpg[" alt=""/imgfaeb5f8b1b]

Its upstairs charging at the moment. I'm so happy right now, heh.


31-05-2005 15:26:46

nice!! congrats on the first freebie....damn i forgot how it felt like......nevermind i just got my ipod photo lol
nice pics too D


31-05-2005 16:05:08

The first one, I though you already got like 3 different items (I was wrong) CONGRATS


01-06-2005 12:59:42

Microchris, check your PM's


01-06-2005 16:05:19

Replied my good man.


01-06-2005 16:08:37

Are you going to keep the 20gb, or upgrade to the Photo?

Edit Doh, just read that it was charging. I suppose you are keeping it then! Congrats! )


02-06-2005 20:51:40

Hehe, yeah.

I have no use for the extra space (I have 15GB left on my iPod now), and I dont need to view pictures on my iPod, so the 20GB was fine.. I'm loving it, except for the shitty stock headphones..

I seriously love Gratis.