ipod shuffle 512mb ipodshufflegiveaway (RECEIVED & IMAGE

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29-05-2005 06:27:18

I am currently in Sent to Vendor at ipodshufflegiveaway UK

http/" alt=""/img228.echo.cx/img="228/2972/freeipodshuffleproof2ig.png[" alt=""/img18a99cb6c9]

I should get the ipod shuffle 512mb by the end of the week or early next week


29-05-2005 09:44:09

Congrats - I got mine too and I love it


02-06-2005 16:34:01

Got my iPod Shuffle 512MB in the post today

I provide pictures later


03-06-2005 03:10:20

http/" alt=""/img28.echo.cx/img="28/4655/pict002728gl.jpg[" alt=""/img4b96c14f79]

This proves UK People can get free ipods as well.