Got the Shure E2cs - pics

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11-10-2004 18:31:51

I just went upstairs and found these...

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[img="944c9845da]http/" alt=""/"36/3537" alt=""/img_0003Small.jpg[/img944c9845da]
[img="944c9845da]http/" alt=""/"36/7623" alt=""/img_0006Small.jpg[/img944c9845da]
[img="944c9845da]http/" alt=""/"36/2562" alt=""/img_0007Small.jpg[/img944c9845da]
[img="944c9845da]http/" alt=""/"36/5773" alt=""/img_0008Small.jpg[/img944c9845da]


11-10-2004 18:50:01

Don't know how you can stand the rubber inserts \


11-10-2004 18:53:32

by sony fontopia's there teh best and there only $40

can't beat that, btw people are saying there almost as good as the $150-$170 shure's


11-10-2004 19:07:23

[quote71672df486="Admin"]Don't know how you can stand the rubber inserts \[/quote71672df486]

I just took a walk with the new headphones, and there's definitely a need to fit them to my ears. I had to adjust each one about every 10 steps...they sound better, but fit worse.

On the positive side, the fit can be improved pretty easily, whereas the sound on the ipod headphones cannot be improved, decent tradeoff for me.


11-10-2004 19:13:28

It took me a very long time to get my 'tester pair' of e2c's fitting and sounding properly.

Some people say there is no burn-in needed but I think they sounded a bit better after 24 hours or so of playing time.

But try to use the foam inserts and really shove 'em down there.


11-10-2004 19:31:24

anyone know what the reference # is?

linote did not work as reference number


12-10-2004 12:03:24

buy the sonys damnit!


12-10-2004 13:27:59

[quotee43e64baa6="Ace"]buy the sonys damnit![/quotee43e64baa6]

why do you care?


12-10-2004 14:51:05

He enjoys spamming threads with useless garbage, that's why he cares.


12-10-2004 15:01:00

Got mine today, too. I'll post pics when I get my PC later with everything all together (iPod, 17", PC, DVDs, e2c's)


12-10-2004 15:01:35

because there better


12-10-2004 15:10:00

i hope i get mine today


12-10-2004 16:51:28

good luck /


12-10-2004 18:27:26

[quote1024bace9e="Ace"]good luck /[/quote1024bace9e]

i got them today and their awesome!

http//[" alt=""/img1024bace9e]
[img="1024bace9e]http//[" alt=""/img1024bace9e]
[img="1024bace9e]http//[" alt=""/img1024bace9e]


12-10-2004 20:52:34

[quotea4ff4d0633="Ace"]because there better[/quotea4ff4d0633]

Learn to write proper English.

They're is the contraction of they are. thus in your phrase "because there better," you'd want to write "Because they're better."


12-10-2004 21:17:03

i think that bad grammar deserves some - karma points for him


13-10-2004 03:33:31

Itts an online forum, not honors english.


13-10-2004 10:51:11

BTW Ace, we are getting these E2c's for FREE from freegiftplanet - so I'd be willing to hazard a guess that most of us feel free is actually a better deal than the $40 Sony's (although Amazon as them for $34 shipped right now). When I thought I was going to have to shell out my own money, I was looking pretty seriously at the Sony's since I didn't feel like spending twice the money ($65) for the E2c's. However, free was certainly an excellent deal, and these headphones are awesome. Construction-wise I'd give the nod to the Shures, sound performance I think they're pretty similar with pros and cons for each depending on your personal preference.

Once again though - it boils down to value free Shure E2c's will beat the pants off $25-$35 Sony MDR-EX71SL/MDR-EX51LP any day of the week.


13-10-2004 11:26:45

[quote0fd89eeee8="Ace"]Itts an online forum, not honors english.[/quote0fd89eeee8]

Who cares? Type properly. The spell checker was installed for people just like you.


13-10-2004 12:06:23

I hate the spell checker and im in honors English. I just type fast and am too lazy to fix the mistakes.

Happy, perfect grammar?


13-10-2004 14:34:05

[quoteb22dd24a6d="Ace"]I hate the spell checker and im in honors English. I just type fast and am too lazy to fix the mistakes.

Happy, perfect grammar?[/quoteb22dd24a6d]

Nope, the proper contraction of "I am" is "I'm" not "im," you douche.


13-10-2004 15:26:46

I probably type faster than you (which means my dick is bigger than yours) and I don't make half the number of mistakes.


13-10-2004 15:41:28

your probably a two year old p


13-10-2004 16:09:40

ok, we arent in 9th grade anymore!! ohh shit i am............well besides that why are we talking about contractions and shit I AM NOT IN SCHOOL!! well not right now anyway.........


14-10-2004 03:37:48

i am in ninth grade, seriously


14-10-2004 17:02:05

so am i as posted above, what is that topic on anyway?