Woot Woot.. First prize on its way!

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18-05-2005 16:05:14

Well first off, Id like to say goodbye Freeipodguide. I have quit the world of free stuff for now. Maybe ill be back, maybe not. Currently I have alot more important stuff going on in my life which leaves me with little or no time at all to worry about trades or any of that. I know I gave up early, but atleast I got something out of it.

Anyway, from superpsp4free I decided to get a free psp game becuase since im done with all these sites, I might aswell get some use out of my 2 referals. Instead of the game, Im getting $50 paypal which will help me out for my down payment on my new atv.

Order # Date/Time Item Status
#52 2005-05-18 125004 Any One PSP (1) Game Processing

So far out of the world of free things I have received..
1) $20 gift card to circuit city
2) $50 paypal

Figured Id post it now becuase I can finally brag about something Im getting D

Later guys wink


18-05-2005 16:13:11

way to go roll thats all you got and your quiting that sucks


18-05-2005 16:17:38

lol.. in the time it took you to complete those you couldve completed the sites I did in 2 weeks.

Freeipods and DS4Free.

Congrats on what you got and hopefully youll come back soon


18-05-2005 23:23:17

did you get the paypal from superpsp4free? i think they started shipping/sending out paypal....


19-05-2005 03:46:12

I was talking to the owner on AIM (nice guy) and he said that they are shipping the prizes within days. So im assuming that my paypal is on its way pretty soon.