Got Gratis psp!

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03-05-2005 22:51:56

Woot today was a good day! Got my free psps approved on freeipods and phreepsps was still up when i got home! lol Now i just gotta be approved on phreepsps and get my 520 paypal from there! BTW FIFA SOCCER FOR PSPS RULES!!! Dynasty warriors is ok and ridge racers gets boring cuz its really reapetitive, and a must have is atleast a 512 memory stick, took Sin City on the soccer bus 3 hour drive, batteries died in middle of good part in Sin city cuz i passed the psp around for us to play Fifa, everyone is tellin me to keep the 2nd psp i got today so we can play against each other but I'm like hell no! Then I have to buy 2 of every game! lol

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03-05-2005 22:56:46

not sure how many games you can do this with, but you should be able to play 2 player on some games with just one copy. try it out if you feel like opening up the second.


03-05-2005 22:57:46

i've done it before with a friend but its a hassle


03-05-2005 23:06:04

congrats man I want one


03-05-2005 23:06:41

ones going on ebay tommorow probably )


09-05-2005 22:20:37

when did u go processing for gratis's psp ?


09-05-2005 22:32:55

[quote6c6805b489="kaymin"], took Sin City on the soccer bus 3 hour drive[/quote6c6805b489]

You had sin city on your psp? That is illegal. you know. How dare you! x