PS2 and Ultimate Matrix

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26-04-2005 20:21:47

Today I got my PS2 from and Ultimate Matrix from Good day for me. I already had a friend lined up to buy the PS2 a month ago, so I bought a used xbox and modded it. I did a TSOP flash, 160 gig hard drive upgrade, Clear xbox case, custom jewel, jewel light and added a hard drive activity led.

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26-04-2005 20:36:11

HOT XBox. You ordered your PS2 on 3/7, I ordered my XBox 3/14. I hope mine comes soon ).


26-04-2005 23:03:01

Very cool Xbox, what did that cost you total.


27-04-2005 07:06:28

Xbox=Free D
Clear Case=$29.99
Red Cold Cathode for Jewel= $13
160 gig Western Digital Hard Drive=$59.99 After rebates
Autobot Jewel=$8.99
LEDS and Resistors=$2.00

Total $113.97

I also forgot to mention the leds in the controller dongle. The one in the picture is red and then I have two others with a green and yellow.


27-04-2005 08:37:16

damn... thats pretty sick


27-04-2005 12:07:27

New2Scene, where'd you get the HD? I need to buy an internal to put in a case for my Mac Mini, and that deal is pretty sweet.


27-04-2005 12:40:23

The HD was a Circuit City special about a month ago. I just checked their site and they didn't have any listed at that price. It might come up again. I know around the same time Best Buy had one too. has one though for $90 which isn't too bad either. http//[=http//]http// Is it to replace the internal mac mini drive though? I belive they use a smaller laptop size drive.


27-04-2005 12:48:42

They do, but I'm thinking of just getting one and putting it in an external case. Either that or getting MicroNet's MiniMate.


27-04-2005 13:16:20

if you go to staples they always have some sort of deal goin on for example.... i got an 200 gb hd for 60 bucks after referal... so just check around nice xbox though


27-04-2005 13:19:07

Holy crap Dude. Thanks! WHere did you look? Did you go in store or buy online?


27-04-2005 15:47:28

do you have to format the hd a certain way for the xbox to recognize it or does it know what the deal is regardless long as its pc formatted?


27-04-2005 15:51:55

nice looking xbox but its a waste to me, you could so pimp out a pc...