First free item, Nintendo DS!

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14-04-2005 15:22:13

Finally reaped my first reward from a free site -- a Nintendo DS from OC! Got it the day after it went STV on my account.

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OC luv.

Also, the picture was taken with the Argus Sports Cam from the Great Fun offer. Not bad for a freebie.


14-04-2005 15:30:23

Nope.. that's not a bad free camera...

and congrats on your first freebie.


14-04-2005 15:40:52

Congrats! How long did it take from last green to receipt? I am thinking about closing that one out next in time for my son's birthday next month.




14-04-2005 15:54:01

CONGRATS! No0ne, took me less than a week from last green to receipt, but it was after OC wouldn't give me credit for NetZero for 3 weeks.


14-04-2005 17:32:05

nicee, how is it?


14-04-2005 18:48:48

Thanks! It's pretty cool -- touch-screen takes some getting used to but it's not too hard to use. Otherwise though, I'm having fun with it. Not buying any games for now since money is really tight, but Mario 64 looks like it will keep me occuipied for awhile (especially since so far there's a good deal of new stuff in the game). And there's always my GBA games D

And I got approved and ordered on the 30th, so it only took a couple weeks to get here.


14-04-2005 18:53:56

So the Mario game was the bonus gift right?


14-04-2005 19:27:30

[quote05fc976b4a="mr0x"]So the Mario game was the bonus gift right?[/quote05fc976b4a]


14-04-2005 19:42:37

Yeah, I was originally just going to go for it separately, but then I got hit by the Aperra bug where it applies to the wrong account. So I just went ahead and got the game! D


15-04-2005 13:48:37

Congrats man!
I wasn't going to get one of those, but once I realized that emulation will be impossible, and I wouldn't get to play the Castlevania games coming out for it, I changed my mind.