Apple Ipod Recieved!

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02-10-2004 20:22:31

Finally my apple ipod ships. I was like, what the hell might as well check it on a saturday (since gratis usually doesn't update on weekends) and low and behold, it says SHIPPED with my fedix tracking number. I guess the changed my status late at night on friday and according to fedex it should arrive Oct 20, 2004 1030 AM. w00t! (click the link in my sig for screenies)

[b8692feec2f]EDIT[/b8692feec2f] Just went a picked up my ipod at the fedex station (they attempted to deliver it to my house twice but both times I wasn't there). Will be putting pics up tonight!


02-10-2004 20:25:03

Congrats! You'll have it in a few days, don't worry... I dunno why the tracking #s are so far off, but people have been getting them in under a week.


03-10-2004 11:31:54

Yeah, that's strange...if it comes from China on a plane it won't take 20 days to deliver so i can't really understand the expected delivery dates =/


03-10-2004 13:32:59

Yeah, the 20 day ship times are just some weird error on Fedex's part. Maybe their communications with their Chinese operations is a bit off? Well, whatever. My guess is 3-5 days from Shanghai to your door. D


03-10-2004 13:41:13

Yea the estimated delivery times are wrong. They usually arrive in 2-3 days.


03-10-2004 17:19:42

well that's nice to know because the fedex pickup station is in South San Francisco and I live in San Francisco, so it's kinda a hassle to drive there and pick it up and if it's going to arrive in 2-3 days then that's good because that's when I get home early


08-10-2004 20:02:02

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08-10-2004 23:02:07

seriously though, no one cares. everyone has seen an ipod box.


09-10-2004 10:32:22

Yes, but no one has seen HIS iPod box. roll j/k


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