Travelers advantage CD player!!!

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01-04-2005 19:44:01

It said it was a digital camera, but the CD player is just as good. I dont have pics yet, but its pretty sweet.


01-04-2005 20:09:03

I gave mine to my brother.


01-04-2005 20:27:01

CD Player????

Who uses [icda7906769]those[/icda7906769] anymore? THat's why god invented iPods ;)



02-04-2005 03:51:47

hmm, traveler's advantage have yet to send me my digital camera, so maybe they will send me a cd player too...

how low-tech is this player anyways?


02-04-2005 22:11:08

its like a $5 plus shipping on ebay CD player. And when I submitted the form it said digital camera but a CD player came instead.


02-04-2005 23:12:25

Yikes. I called and talked to a travelers advantage representative and he said my digital camera was shipped on the 22nd. Hopefully I'll be getting it soon and it's not a crappy cd player.


03-04-2005 23:28:22

haha, eitherway they both will be jenktastic, but i would also prefer a digital camera.


04-04-2005 02:45:28

lol they gave me that yellow sport digital camera.... hehe looks kinda cool...feels hella cheap