Just Recieved $1000 from Notebooks4free!

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29-03-2005 09:36:34

I only did 18 refs - they didn't cancel any of them and I placed my order today - looking forward to a big payday on friday )

Edit Just recieved the $$ I love Offercentric!


29-03-2005 10:20:14

Man Oh Man!

$1,000 - what do you plan on buying?


29-03-2005 11:11:13

Nice Phossil.. Congrats.

What cha plan on buying with that grand?


29-03-2005 12:49:30

Damn Phossil, how did you manage to do notebooks and minimacs? That just ain't right!


29-03-2005 12:50:29

It's going to my bank account. I know that's boring right now but that's what I do with almost all the $$ I get (paychecks, so forth). I'll probably end up buying booze with it next year )


29-03-2005 15:59:36

Bastard, lol. My last one should green sometime this week . Been waiting for a month for the last one.


29-03-2005 16:32:41

why is everyone going for the $1000 on this site? the ibooks are worth more. like $1500. why not just sell the ibook and get more money?


29-03-2005 16:42:03

No, the iBooks are worth $1000, not $1500. I'm so excited so I'm no pissed at you now Phossil. My iPod (from mp3players4Free to giveaway on PodTopia) should arrive tomorrow, my Mac Mini just went STV, and I finally just secured my last Notebooks referral, so I should get my PayPal with you!


29-03-2005 17:52:28

Haha - It took me two months and two days to finish this one. I got 7 of my refs from ebay postings - and I paid nothing for them - I was able to list on ebay twice before they noticed. I paid a few people $10 to complete offers and I had a bunch of friends sign up for free - my guess is that with the ebay charge of 3.50 (x2) + about five refs at $10 I ended up paying around $57 for all of my refs - and I really spent a grand total of three or four hours doing it (over two months).

I couldn't be happier ) - now I just need two more on PSPs and I'm done with that too.


29-03-2005 20:23:45

thats crazy man! anyways, podtopia u wanna tell me how i could win that ipod?


29-03-2005 20:32:39

[quoteb1aa828e7a="kaymin"]thats crazy man! anyways, podtopia u wanna tell me how i could win that ipod?[/quoteb1aa828e7a]

He's coming out with a liNICEli site with give aways and reviews. I imagine that you just have to sign up to his site when it comes out. I'll be signing up. wink



29-03-2005 20:54:50

I don't see how you people feel that the iBooks are worth only $1000. They are around $1400 retail, so even if you sell them for $1100 people are going to be thinking they are getting a deal. But I will let you all think that the iBooks are only $1000 so when I get mine I won't have any trouble selling it ) .


29-03-2005 21:00:27

http//store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/70603/wo/r62P2aCtYDDx3XqwltrsS7Z9X2Z/ 12" 1.2GHz. Now who doesn't know the retail value?


29-03-2005 22:40:23

I see $1300 for the 14.1


Edit Nvm, just noticed that the 14.1 is a 1gighz processor. You win. LOL.


29-03-2005 22:52:17

i think he's refering to the 12" one


30-03-2005 03:38:45

Yes, the 14" is an older model, not the newest one.


30-03-2005 07:59:57

when i do notebooks, im gonna go for the iBook


30-03-2005 12:25:09

Got my last one, and I'm finally processing.


30-03-2005 12:45:29

[quote9c077d1479="Phossil"]I'll probably end up buying booze with it next year )[/quote9c077d1479]
That's a good investment, IMO... lol


30-03-2005 12:49:20

[quote6ad5affdc9="EatChex89"]when i do ntebooks, im gonna go for the iBook[/quote6ad5affdc9]
That's me. The 12" model.

In fact, I should have just gone for the notebook first. That and a PDA are the two things I could really use. The Shuffle and the PSP were pretty low on my list of "needs"


03-04-2005 17:09:26

Im on vacation, and I just had the oppertunity to check my email today (sunday), What a pleasent suprise to find $1000 waiting for me. Thanks Offercentric!


03-04-2005 17:15:30

Sorry to be a little off topic, but what's better? A Averatec P4 3.0 GHZ or the 12in Ibook?


05-04-2005 11:39:09

The most expenisve one is the Averatec AMD, not sure about the price difference between the P4 and the iBook, but the difference is purely preffrence, do you like the stability and awseomness of OSX or the virus-prone-yet-most-compatible-windows?