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16-12-2008 09:55:05

Awesome news at MjRewardz![/sized77913e6f1]
MjRewardz is getting bigger [/sized77913e6f1]and better with Us.
[id77913e6f1]The New Owners![/id77913e6f1]

[bd77913e6f1]We at MjRewardz are going back to same day Payments![/bd77913e6f1][/colord77913e6f1]

To start this out right!
From now until December 31,2008
we are offering $10 extra
if you put in an order for
5 referrals at once.[/colord77913e6f1]

Thats $260![/sized77913e6f1]

And theres [bd77913e6f1]MORE[/bd77913e6f1]!

[bd77913e6f1]Free Greens[/sized77913e6f1][/bd77913e6f1][/colord77913e6f1]
for the first
10 people that sign up and put in one ticket,
Listing the sites they want
Free Greens on.

We have anything you could want.
Check it out and sign up

We want you all
to have a
Very Merry Holiday![/sized77913e6f1]