MJRewardz - New Ownership

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30-10-2008 16:54:09

Hello Everyone!

I just want to inform everyone of some things that have been going on here at MJRewardz. Due to my lack of time and my new employment, I will no longer be the owner of MJRewardz. We have sold the site to another experienced affiliate marketer by the name of Jeremiah Cooper. He will now be the official owner. I will be sticking around here for awhile yet to help Jeremiah learn the script. If you need to contact me for any reason, I will be available on MJSupportMike on AIM for awhile yet.

I want to thank everyone who has helped get MJRewardz this far. You guys are great and I really enjoyed working with every single one of you. If any of you want to chat still, you can reach me on AIM at ExpressRevMIke . I just didn't have enough time to put towards MJRewardz and the new owner is really dedicated and he will bring good things out of the site. Enjoy!

Again, thank you everyone for getting us this far and just being so great to us!

-Mike Jesowshek


04-11-2008 11:30:21

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce myself and let you know some things that are going to be happening at MJRewardz. As Mike said, myself and my staff has a lot of time to put work into MJRewardz. We are going to really get out there on the advertising trail and we hope to bring a lot of new users so we can continue to improve the already amazing service Mike had going. So I hope that you all continue to frequent MJRewardz as it is only going to grow from here. The only downside is that we will being doing Net 15 style payments at first. So you will be given your prizes within 45 days of completing your obligations until we get everything ironed out with the new ownership. I thank you for your time and hope you enjoy the new promotions and other things to come!