Start of a new MJRewardz - Short Downtime - Much Worth it!

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05-07-2008 14:15:48

Hello Everyone,

The time has finally came. MJRewardz will be temporarily down for the moving in of our new script. Our new site is built 100% from the ground up and that means everything is 100% brand new. All your information wwill be safely transferred to our new database which will show up in the new members area.

Our new site was built with you, the members, in mind and the site is built to be 100% safe and hacker free, which means all your personal information, order history, and account is completely safe. This is a [b88ea3ea74f]One-Of-A-Kind site[/b88ea3ea74f], we offer features that no other freebie site currently on the internet can compare with.

Our new site is optimized for speed, user friendliness, marketability, and all around better for all our members.

li You will not need to have several different logins anymore, one login and you will have access to all detailed information on all sites you are joined with.

li Website includes several verification procedures meaning more qualified referrals for you. Which also means blocking of non-wanted or known scamming countries, again meaning more qualified referrals and less fraud.

li Each site has its own SEO enabled ability which means when you advertise your referral url you have a better chance of it showing in the search engines properly, which again could mean more referrals.
linoteli You will have to update your referral urls because all sites you are joined with all use the same referral id now. You will no longer need to remember 5 or 10 different id's.

li Website includes promotional area that has banner ads, text ads, and image ads. These are to help you get more referrals. text ads pre-wrote that can be used in online classified ad sites or offline classifieds, image ads that you can download and modify to use anyplace. We also have a full marketing center that will include downloads that can help you learn how to advertise and market your referral urls to get more referrals.

li Website includes a Email Center for you to contact your referrals easier than before. You can also setup your own personal page and advertise it or share it with your referrals. Both these features are for you to help motivate your referrals.

li Each and every site has a "Custom Design & Theme" to be more attractive to your possible referrals, some even with a different layout. With the sites being more attractive and custom means you have a better chance of getting more referrals.

li The [b88ea3ea74f]All New MJRewardz Bucks[/b88ea3ea74f] site where you can complete tasks to earn even more cash and prizes is a One-Of-A-Kind site that is not found on any other freebie site in the industry!

There are many more features that are all added for you, the members to have a more enjoyable experience with us at Some of these features include

li Gift Wrapping services - want to send your prize to someone special ? Then all you need to do is complete a gift wrapping offer and select gift wrapping when placing your order.

li Prize Reviews - we added prize reviews for you to get more information on our prizes that we offer so you can make more of a consumer choice when deciding what prize you want.

li Site Requirements - Each site will inform you of what the requirement is for that site before you even join the site.

li Automatic Greens - When we run free promotions for greens you will no longer need to submit support tickets or PM's on a forum. All greens will be listed on each site informing you of how many are available. All you need to do is login your account click on the free green offer then enter your email and you will have an automatic green.

li True Custom Prizes - When you select a custom prize and login your account will instruct you to submit a support ticket for your custom prize. We will then setup your custom prize and add it to your account. When you place your order and the order is marked complete it will now show up in your prize history stats along with the prize value.

As always if you ever have any questions please feel free to contact support on AIM or send us a support ticket.

Thank you for your patience with the transformation to our new site!

-Mike Jesowshek
MJRewardz Owner