April Free Greens! First 20 users to sign-up un-referred !

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06-04-2008 20:48:12


Like promised, MJRewardz will be offering our monthly free greens. However, this will only last for the first 20 users to submit free greens. Hope this helps you guys out. This is good on all of our sites except the Promo, Cash, and Points sites! You must sign-up un-referred in order to take advantage in this. To participate, you do not need to put a support ticket in for each site, [bb4e38ae0a1]you just need to enter one support ticket that shows all of the sites and the referral ids that you want credit on[/bb4e38ae0a1]. So if you signed up for GiftCards, PayPal, and iPods and your referral ids were 1842, 1843, 1844 you would submit a support ticket saying the following

I would like free greens on

Giftcards 1842
PayPal 1843
iPods 1844

It's that simple!

-MJRewardz Management

[bb4e38ae0a1]P.S. If you do submit a new support ticket for each site, your greens will not be granted and your support tickets will just be deleted.[/bb4e38ae0a1]