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02-04-2008 06:27:56

[center][b570f95346b]MJRewardz April Promotion[/b570f95346b][/center]
[center][b570f95346b]Win Extra Money for Nothing!


For the month of April MJRewardz will be introducing an excellent promotion to get some extra cash. It is very easy and it works like this

  1. [li570f95346b]Sign-Up Un-Referred to any of our sites.
    [li570f95346b]Complete the required amount of offers.
    [li570f95346b]Refer at least 1 person (minimum requirement for order)
    [li570f95346b]Place Order
    [li570f95346b]Win Extra Cash


    Here is how the Extra Cash works


    [li570f95346b]Credit Card Sites Extra $35
    [li570f95346b]No Credit Card Sites Extra $8
    [li570f95346b]Double Site Extra $70

    How can you go wrong with this deal? Take advantage of this and don't let it pass by. Start signing up now!

    -MJRewardz Management [/b570f95346b]