MJRewardz - Monthly Free Greens! Only 1 week long!

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06-02-2008 18:24:44

[ba588ba652f]MJRewardz - Monthly Free Greens![/ba588ba652f]


Like promised, MJRewardz will be offering our monthly free greens. This will last for an entire week starting [ba588ba652f]Thursday February 7th and 1201 A.M.[/ba588ba652f] Central and ending [ba588ba652f]February 13th at 1159 P.M.[/ba588ba652f] Central. Hope this helps you guys out. This is good on all of our sites except the Promo, Cash, and Points sites! You must sign-up un-referred in order to take advantage in this.

-MJRewardz Management
P.S. Don't forget to check out our anniversary and gift card promo![/ba588ba652f]


12-02-2008 09:37:32


From now on, you do not need to put a support ticket in for each site, you just need to enter one support ticket that show all of the sites and the referral ids that you want credit on. So if you signed up for GiftCards, PayPal, and iPods and your referrald ids were 1, 2, 3 you would submit a support ticket saying the following

I would like free greens on

Giftcards 1
PayPal 2
iPods 3

It's that simple!


MJRewardz Support


13-02-2008 22:14:22


All free greens have been granted. This promo is over as of now. Thank everyone who participated and we look forward to helping more people out next month!

-MJRewardz Support