MJRewardz - 1 Year Anniversary Promo! $50 FREE :)

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02-02-2008 22:59:04

MJRewardz One Year Anniversary!!
Hello Everyone,

We are proud to announce that MJRewardz has now been open for ONE year!! We can't thank anyone else but you guys for supporting us the entire time. We have had some rough times during that year, but we can determined to fix all of those this year and make it the best year for a freebie site ever. To help kick that off we are going to be offering money just for signing up un-referred. Here's how it goes

li Sign-Up Un-Referred to one of our CC sites = $25 li
li Sign-up Un-Referred to our Double Site = $50 li
li Sign-up Un-Referred to one of our No CC Sites = $5 li

li By signing up un-referred you must also complete one full credit(s) of offer(s)!

It's that easy. Sign-up, get free money!

Thank you everyone for a great first year and let's make this one 10 times better!

-MJRewardz Management


11-02-2008 09:25:36

which one is you no c/c site?


11-02-2008 10:04:02

All of our No CC Sites are the ones listed on www.MJRewardz.com with No CC stamped on top of them.

-MJRewardz Support