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24-01-2008 22:36:06

[b2df6dae8bd]Gift Cards for Offers
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MJRewardz.com is proud to announce its brand new promotion! The Giftcards for Freebists! The way this promotion works is simple, you complete any number of offers on our sites, and you'll get a free gift card! Simple as that! Here's the exciting part, all the giftcards are totally randomized, so you'll never know what you get! The smallest amount you'll get back is $20, but you can get $25, $30, $50 the possibilities are endless! Complete an offer today and get your free gift card in the mail!


1. Sign up for anyone of our sites and complete offers worth up to 1 credits.

2. Submit a support ticket title "Gift Card Request"

3. We send you your free gift card, free of charge in the mail!

1. You must sign up un-referred on any one of our sites [b2df6dae8bd]or[/b2df6dae8bd] if you are already referred, you can participate in this promo but all credits earned for this promo will not count towards our site. liIf you are un-referred, every credit that you do will count towards the site.li

2. You may complete this offer on any of our credit card sites. Be sure to not complete the same offers.

3. This is not available on our No CC sites.

Have fun and enjoy!

-MJRewardz Management

P.S. The gift cards will be sent out in the mail to the address you provided with-in 3 days after the offer(s) have credited.