MJReardz- No Credit Card Raffle! Everyone wins! Winner = $60

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06-01-2008 20:49:20

Hello Everyone,

MJRewardz is announcing a No CC Offer raffle. This is quite simple and will not last long. Here's how it works.

-Sign-Up to any of our No CC Sites.
-Complete any of the following offers
[li1e666b56da] -liAmericas Banker Directli
[li1e666b56da] - liFlycellli
[li1e666b56da] - liFree Online Credit Report li
[li1e666b56da] - liOnline Credit Noticeli
[li1e666b56da] - liShe Gets Cashli
[li1e666b56da] - liTruman Financialli
-Once the offer is completed, submit a support ticket with us saying you want to compete in this raffle.
-Please note that the offer completion will not count towards our site.
-We will take the first 10 people to sign-up and complete there offer.
-Here is the prize breakdown.
[li1e666b56da] -Everyone participating will get $5.
[li1e666b56da] - After all 10 spots are filled, we will throw all names in a hat and pick one. The winner will receive $60 extra.
[li1e666b56da]-Please note that all of these offers require no credit card, so how can you go wrong?

We hope you enjoy the raffle and hurry up before the spots are filled!

-MJRewardz Management

P.S. This raffle will end once the 10 spots have been filled. These 10 spots are coming from 3 different forums, so hurry!