MJRewardz - New $80 Site! Freen greens for 10 days! LOOK!

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12-12-2007 07:32:11

Hello Everyone,

MJRewardz is announcing the opening of a brand new site! Double.MJRewardz.com

This site is an $80 / referral site and is very easy to complete. You must complete 2 credits worth of offers. It has a wide range of prizes and we also have the custom order option. With the launch of this new site, we will be offering free greens for this site only for the next 10 days. We will not accept free greens for this site past December 22nd, 2007. We hope you enjoy the site and have fun!

-MJRewardz Management

Site URL Double.MJRewardz.com


12-12-2007 09:16:47

Signed up - ID #3023 )


12-12-2007 11:28:06


Free greens granted!

-MJRewardz Support