MJRewardz - New Verification Process! Much easier! Look!

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06-12-2007 20:40:24

Hello Folks,

MJRewardz is in the process of changing their verification process. We will no longer force users to verify there phone numbers with us. From now on, we will be doing all checking with our system and phone call to the number on the account if necessary. Please give us at least a week to get caught up with all current orders.

Things Changing

-Users no longer required to verify phone number by calling or texting us.
-We will do all verification once the order has been placed.
-We will ship with-in 24 hours of order being placed as long as verification went through.
-We will be calling users if there account seems suspicious.

Thanks and I hope you guys are having a great holiday!

-MJRewardz Management


12-12-2007 14:50:57

All payments have now been paid and are up to date. We will now be on an instant schedule. In some circumstances we may need to call the phone number provided if your account seems suspicious and that would delay the payment time slightly. (This happens on rare occasions)