MJRewardz - Never heard of Promo! Go green and get $40!!

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28-11-2007 21:36:25

Hello Everyone,

MJRewardz is running yet another promo. This will be out 2nd promo running at the same time. Here's how it works

-Sign up to our promo site using this link http//promo.mjrewardz.com/?ref=2962
-Go green and get $40 instantlyli
-Get 1/2 and get $20 instantlyli

That's it! Very simple and you don't need to get a referral before checking out.

This promo will end on December 8th at 1150 P.M. Central Time.

Quick and easy way to get some extra money for the Christmas season.

Thanks for participating and enjoy!

-MJRewardz Management

liYou must past the MJRewardz phone verification process which consists of calling or texting 920-251-5978 and leaving us with your e-mail. If you decide to call, make sure to say your e-mail fully and understandable.li


09-12-2007 20:07:07


This promo is suppose to be over, but I will extend it to the end of the day on Monday. All you have to do is sign-up. Once you sign-up, you are in for the promo. So, get signed-up and start completing your offers. We are going to give you till the end of December to complete your offers.

-MJRewardz Management