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18-09-2007 20:24:56

Since we have just recently re-launched IFreeCash, we are going to list some of our great features. We will be adding more in the future and feel free to contact us for anything!

-IFreeCash now has another support option available. We now allow users to contact MJSupportMike on AIM when he is away on mobile. This is another great way to get a hold of us whenever you need. We do offer phone support, and if you are interested in that, you must contact us first for the phone number. We are glad to help you out and hope you take advantage of our new support option!

-No longer will IFreeCash require users to complete another offer when trying to order again. We now allow users to place as many orders as they would like, without having to do anything extra but contact us in a support ticket. This is a great feature because if you needs some extra cash and don't want to wait until all of your referrals green, you can cash out 2 referrals and come back 2 weeks later and cash out your remaining referrals without doing ANY extra work! We hope you enjoy this new opportunity at IFreeCash and continue to complete our sites.

-After recent consideration and requests from many users and other site owners we have moved to better shipping times. We will now be moving to weekly shipping on orders.
How the pay schedule will work

We will be sending out payments on Mondays. For weekly shippings, you will need your order in by Sunday 1159 P.M. Central Time, a week for the Monday you want your gift to be shipped.

Ex. If you wanted to make the July 16th payout, you would have to place your order before 1159 P.M. Central time on Sunday, July 8th.

-We have now adopted a new verification process at IFreeCash. In order for your account to be verified, you must call or text message 1-920-251-5978 from the number you originally registered with. When text messaging or calling, make sure you tell us that it is for IFreeCash and then if you could leave your referral number that would be the best. Your referral number can be found on the main page after you sign-in. It is located at the end of your referral link. Once we have received the call and verified it, your account will be fully verified. Thank you for cooperating with us!