MJRewardz - Now helping IFreeCash

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15-09-2007 10:28:05

Hello Everyone,

We have some big news to report today. The MJRewardz management will now be also helping out the IFreeCash (IFC) Management in work. IFC had some major down time due to server and script problems. IFC, is now back up, we sent out $7,400 in gifts that were backed up from 2 months ago. So, with the help of the MJRewardz Staff, IFC is now back up and running for good. We are focused in bringing this network up to the top. This will affect MJRewardz in no way. To celebrate the re-opening of IFC, we are going to offer a free green to anyone who signs up un-referred. They must send us a support ticket after signing up. We are committed to bringing this network up and continuing to bring great support and service to all users. IFreeCash will be on a weekly payment schedule for the time being!

-MJRewardz Management