MJRewardz - Extra Offers

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12-09-2007 19:09:59

Hello Everyone,

MJRewardz comes out with yet another feature. We will now allow users to transfer any offers over 1 credit over to another site of ours. For example, if you have 1.25 credits worth on our PayPal.MJRewardz.com site, you will be able to take the extra .25 credit and transfer it to our GiftCards.MJRewardz.com sites. You can do that with any sites of ours, however CC sites must go with CC sites and No CC Sites must go with No CC sites. We hope you can take advantage of this and of course, have fun!

-MJRewardz Management


12-09-2007 19:40:01

Thats so cool!!


12-09-2007 19:41:47

) Yup, and instant payouts!