MJRewardz - Instant Payouts!

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06-09-2007 21:11:40

Hello Everyone,

It is finally here. MJRewardz has moved to Instant payouts on every one of there sites. After your order has been submitted, we will send an e-mail to you and everyone of your referrals requesting that they confirm there phone number registered on our site. Confirmation includes calling or texting 920-251-5978 from the phone number you signed up with and letting us know your e-mail on our sites. Once we have received the confirmation for you and your referrals, the gift will be shipped. We encourage you to tell your referrals to confirm there number before you even place the order. We will accept confirmations from anybody at any time. So, we are proud to announce that MJRewardz will now be shipping instantly on all gifts.


-MJRewardz Staff


10-09-2007 20:57:16

Come and get some money at MJRewardz because we pay INSTANT! )