MJRewardz - New Oppurtunities on No CC Sites

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28-08-2007 16:47:51

Hello No CC Users,

MJRewardz is changing up some things. We will now allow you to get extra offer credits to count for your prize as long as you have referred at least 2 people. For example

You referred 2 people, and complete 5 credits of offers.

Your prize will be 7 referrals worth.

We will only pay out to whole numbers, so if you have 5.25 credits, it will only be worth 5. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us. We can be contacted by support tickets, e-mail ( email==Support@MJRewardz.comSupport@MJRewardz.com=Support@MJRewardz.comSupport@MJRewardz.com/email ), or AIM (MJSupportMike or MJSupportJustin).