MJRewardz Back Up!

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28-08-2007 16:37:01

Hello Folks,

After a long 8 days, MJRewardz is back up fully. We had a major problem with our host and then had even more problems when trying to transfer, but we are all up now. We are now working on fixing a couple dead offers on the CC sites and working on adding more offers to the non CC sites. We apologize for this long delay, but we thank you for your great patience and we are glad to see everything back up. If you guys have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact us. We can be contacted through support tickets, e-mail ( email==Support@MJRewardz.comSupport@MJRewardz.com=Support@MJRewardz.comSupport@MJRewardz.com/email), or AIM (MJSupportMike or MJSupportJustin). We encourage you to contact us and ask as many questions as needed!

-MJRewardz Management