MJRewardz Good News - Order Changes

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28-06-2007 21:23:43

Hello MJRewardz Users and Soon-To-Be Users,

After recent consideration and requests from many users and other site owners we have moved to better shipping times. We will now be moving to weekly shipping on orders below $200 (This does not include $200). On orders between $200 and $500, we will be shipping bi-weekly. Any orders above $500, please contact us on AIM at MJSupportMike, by support ticket, or by e-mail at email==Support@MJRewardz.comSupport@MJRewardz.com=Support@MJRewardz.comSupport@MJRewardz.com/email about this issue.

How the pay schedule will work

We will be sending out payments on Mondays. For weekly shippings, you will need your order in by Sunday 1159 P.M. Central Time, a week for the Monday you want your gift to be shipped.

Ex. If you wanted to make the July 16th payout, you would have to place your order before 1159 P.M. Central time on Sunday, July 8th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you out. Hope this helps you guys complete our sites and have fun doing it!

Thank You!

-MJRewardz Management


05-07-2007 22:50:00

Hello Everyone,

The crew here at MJRewardz is interested in your ideas for any improvements we can make to our sites our company as a whole. Let us know so we can try our hardest to achieve those goals!

-MJRewardz Management


11-07-2007 08:04:39

Well, that is good news!!! I am trying to get referrals for your sites, I am anxious to work with you!!


11-07-2007 09:06:22

[quoteea4d2d5761="luckypenney"]Well, that is good news!!! I am trying to get referrals for your sites, I am anxious to work with you!![/quoteea4d2d5761]

We are looking forward to working with you also!

-MJRewardz Support