MJRewardz - Changes

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15-06-2007 07:38:33

Hello MJRewardz Users and future users,

Due to a large amount of fraud recently, we will be changing the way we do business greatly. In the past couple days we have seen over 5 major incentive based publishers pull all incentive offers. This has been done because of such a huge amount of fraud. If this fraud continues, the industry is going to start looking down hill. This needs to stop NOW and in order to help prevent more fraud we are taking the following actions

1. MJRewardz will no longer be accepting manual credit requests. (All current manual credit requests will be denied.)
2. You will soon see new fraud protection strategies including Phone # Verification, More strict fraud rules, ID required on PayPal/Cash orders.
3. We will now be paying out on the 30th of every month instead of the 15th.

We just want to inform you that this is just the start to many changes that will be occurring at MJRewardz and many other sites around the industry.

-MJRewardz Management