[Exclusive! MJRewardz] Your Choice Promo!

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22-05-2007 20:47:12

[bdda4ed25a0]MJRewardz.com presents...
Your Choice Promo![/bdda4ed25a0]

Whenever a freebie site launches a promo, it does one thing.
You don't get a choice of what you get, how it's run, or any option whatsoever.


Not anymore.

MJRewardz has decided to launch another UNIQUE promotion!
Why's it this unique? Well, you get to choose what this promotion is!

To participate in this promotion, it's completely FREE! Who doesn't like FREE?
And better yet, you could even get PAID to participate!

To participate in this promotion, follow these simple steps

Step 1 Sign Up!
Sign up for UNREFERRED on ANYli of MJRewardz Network Sites.
You get 6 sites to choose from, that means 6 opportunities to participate in this promotion!
liExcludes Cash and Points

Step 2 Chose the promotion!
[You get (1) one choice!]

( A ) Free Offer Credit! laugh.gif
- Receive a Free Offer Credit! That's right, an absolutely completely free offer credit! You don't need to complete your own offer, just get your referrals!

( B ) Free Referral! laugh.gif
- So you\'ve completed your offer, but your short a referral - no worries! If you choose this option, you get an absolutely free referral!

( C ) Extra $40 payment option! laugh.gif
- So you\'ve completed your offer, got all your referrals, and ready to order...yays -But wait! You now get $40 EXTRA! That's a FREE $40 for doing absolutely NOTHING!

( D ) Absolutely Nothing! blink.gif
- None of these promotions satisfy you? Well then this is the option for you! Sign up for anyone of our sites, complete an offer, get referrals, and what will happen because of this promotion? Absolutely nothing!

That's it folks! Feel free to choose which option you want! You can choose any of these options, up to six times because we have six sites.

liliPlease only contact us one time and we will make the change on all 6 sites.lili

This promotion begins now as of this posting, and will end on June 20th, however MJRewardz.com reserves the right to end this promotion at any time. You may not choose your own option if you do not like the options presented. You must sign up un-referred. There is no deadline to complete your account once you have received your FREE Credit. MJRewardz.com reserves the right to not issue "Free credit", "Free Referral", or "Extra $40", but you are guaranteed to at least receive the "Absolutely Nothing" option. Normal Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Rules are still in place. Rules may be updated but will only affect those that sign up after the update. Most importantly, have fun with this promotion!

You can chose to not obey the rules but then we'll choose to ban you

D Have fun! ? ? [/colordda4ed25a0][/sizedda4ed25a0] D


22-05-2007 21:30:35

Ok, signed up ... going for the free green )


22-05-2007 21:33:02


Remember to just simply send us a support ticket when you sign-up with the option you are interested in.

-MJRewardz Support


22-05-2007 21:39:21

Already did. Do you want me to submit one on each site, or will the one with my ref ranges be suffice?


22-05-2007 21:42:12

One will be fine as long as you want the same thing for each site!

-MJRewardz Support


22-05-2007 21:44:12

Yeah. Also ... the system seems to have fallen down at the moment.


23-05-2007 06:43:27

i truly like the last option roll lol


23-05-2007 11:55:54

I sent one support ticket for the free offer credit option...but I think I said free green.. you know what I meant!


23-05-2007 11:59:29

I said the same thing ... but still haven't been credited yet. Although the sites did seem to be down last night shortly after I signed up, so who knows.


23-05-2007 12:20:01


We will get your credit to you by tonight. Our sites were down for a little while last night so that could have also been the problem. We apologize for that short unscheduled down time.

-MJRewardz Support


23-05-2007 12:29:54

I'm not worried ) Thanks for the update, though.