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14-05-2007 14:55:19

Hello Everyone,

I'm proud to inrtoduce to you the official MJRewardz forum. If you are not familiar with us, I will explain to you what we have to offer. We currently have eight sites up and they include iPods.MJRewardz.com, PayPal.MJRewardz.com, Gaming.MJRewardz.com, GiftCards.MJRewardz.com, Laptops.MJRewardz.com, TVs.MJRewardz.com, Points.MJRewardz.com, and Cash.MJRewardz.com. We currently have two support staff that can be reached on AIM at MJSupportMike and MJSupportJustin. We will soon be picking up a third support member that can be reached at MJSupportAmanda. You can e-mail us at email==Support@MJRewardz.comSupport@MJRewardz.com=Support@MJRewardz.comSupport@MJRewardz.com/email or leave a support ticket with us. If you would prefer to talk to us on phone, we can arrange for that, but you must contact us first.

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. We are always willing to improve our site for the enjoyment of others. We are always ready for suggestions and actually encourage you to give us ideas.

Thanks you very much and enjoy!

-MJRewardz Management


15-05-2007 17:11:29

Well hello there, nice to see you on your own here )

Should I post my PayPal here or on Brags?



15-05-2007 17:19:40


We would prefer if you would post it here!

-MJRewardz Support