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03-05-2007 19:07:06

http//mjrewardz.com/images/netbanner.png[" alt=""/imge1e3eed332]

Cinco de Mayo | Arbor Day | 5th of May

Whether you celebrate cinco de mayo, arbor day, or simply the fifth of may,
MJRewardz.com presents a new promotion for everyone!
Do you like taking photos? Printing out pages? Doing random things? Taping stuff?

MJRewardz.com is proud to announce another new and exciting promotion!
All you simply have to do is print out a image, write your referral link,
and tape it somewhere! Snap us a picture, and poof you just got youreslf in the promotion!

We are now launching TWO BRAND NEW SITES!

What you'll need (or access to)
(1) Digital Camera
(2) A printer
(3) A brain (optional lol )

[be1e3eed332]What do I do?[/be1e3eed332]
(1) Right here! Simply download Banner.doc by clicking on http//MJRewardz.com/Banner.doc (conveniently located below) and print that out.
(2) Then download Tabs.doc by clicking on http//MJRewardz.com/Tabs.doc and be sure to edit the links to relate to be yours!
(3) Replace "site" with your site, and "####" with your referral number.
(4) With the same sheet you printed out Banner.doc from, print out Tabs.doc!
(5) Cut slits so that your new referrals can easily pull them off!
(6) Stick this up somewhere, and snap a picture of us!

[be1e3eed332]What do I get if I win?[/be1e3eed332]
Grand prize winner will receive [be1e3eed332]$100[/be1e3eed332], in their payment choice.
1st Runner-up will receive [be1e3eed332]$50[/be1e3eed332], in their payment choice.
2nd Runner-up will receive a mystery Box
3rd Runner-up will receive a mystery Bag
If you participate, even if you don't win, you still end up getting yourself tons of referrals, and referrals means more prizes!

This promotion begins of this posting (May 03, 2007, 630 PST) and will end on May 31, 2007, 630 PST. MJRewardz.com reserves the right to end this promotion at any time. MJRewardz.com will not be held responsible for posting your promotional banner on illegal places, such as telephone poles or streetlamps that are clearly marked to not post. Normal Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Rules are still in place. Rules may be updated but will only affect those that sign up after that particular update. Most importantly, have fun with this promotion![/left][/center]




04-05-2007 07:34:31

Great Idea !!!!

However, Not Fair. Not everyone has these toys ( (
How about a green for an unrefered on one of the new sites?

Thanks for your consideration



04-05-2007 11:09:29


You can always buy a dispoasable camara and scan it or send it to us in the mail.

-MJRewardz Support


07-05-2007 19:46:14

Is there any interest in this promo? If not, we will be ending it early.


07-05-2007 22:18:06

She seemed reasonably happy about the fact that there was STRING!!!

Now to unleash her on the neighbourhood....

http//www.bookwyrm.ca/hostedimages/mjmushroom1.gif[" alt=""/img0a963b47ec]
[img="0a963b47ec]http//www.bookwyrm.ca/hostedimages/mjmushroom2.gif[" alt=""/img0a963b47ec]


08-05-2007 14:55:31

Haha Nice, so I should be expecting a support ticket concering a stolen/lost cat with-in the next couple hours or so. )


10-05-2007 11:18:18


love that avatar


31-05-2007 22:47:10

So, I tried to convince my new kitten to help out with this promo, but it didn't work too well.

http//www.bookwyrm.ca/hostedimages/mjkitty1.gif[" alt=""/img1cec4b33fb]
[img="1cec4b33fb]http//www.bookwyrm.ca/hostedimages/mjkitty2.gif[" alt=""/img1cec4b33fb]
[img="1cec4b33fb]http//www.bookwyrm.ca/hostedimages/mjkitty3.gif[" alt=""/img1cec4b33fb]
[img="1cec4b33fb]http//www.bookwyrm.ca/hostedimages/mjkitty4.gif[" alt=""/img1cec4b33fb]
[img="1cec4b33fb]http//www.bookwyrm.ca/hostedimages/mjkitty5.gif[" alt=""/img1cec4b33fb]
[img="1cec4b33fb]http//www.bookwyrm.ca/hostedimages/mjkitty6.gif[" alt=""/img1cec4b33fb]


03-06-2007 09:19:03



04-06-2007 09:33:12

Haha, animals, they never want to work with you.


05-06-2007 08:03:32

What were the results from this contest?


19-06-2007 17:15:00

Ends June 20th at 1159 P.M. Central.