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21-03-2007 12:05:27

[b1de2d7c01a]Exclusive MJRewardz.com[=http//mjrewardz.com]MJRewardz.com Promo![/size1de2d7c01a][/b1de2d7c01a]
[b1de2d7c01a]"Identify to Credify!"[/size1de2d7c01a][/b1de2d7c01a][/color1de2d7c01a]

MJRewardz.com has been re-designed and is back in style! As part of our agenda, we have a brand new promotion running! What better way to start our site with a FREE credit?!
All you have to do is sign up with our special links (conveniently provided below), and identify the 10 images that you see below!

http//mjrewardz.com/images/Promotion/promo.gif[" alt=""/img1de2d7c01a][/center]
[b1de2d7c01a]I want FREE Credit! What do I do?! (haha... do I do lol )[/b1de2d7c01a]

1. Sign up under the links below (Any other links will [color=red1de2d7c01a][b1de2d7c01a]NOT[/b1de2d7c01a][/color1de2d7c01a] work)(TSJ has allowed us to use ref links)
[b1de2d7c01a][url==http//ipods.mjrewardz.com/?ref=551]iPods[=http//ipods.mjrewardz.com/?ref=551]iPods[/url] | [url==http//paypal.mjrewardz.com?ref=552]PayPal[=http//paypal.mjrewardz.com?ref=552]PayPal[/url] | [url==http//gaming.mjrewardz.com?ref=553]Gaming[=http//gaming.mjrewardz.com?ref=553]Gaming[/url] | [url==http//giftcards.MJRewardz.com/?ref=554]GiftCards[=http//giftcards.MJRewardz.com/?ref=554]GiftCards[/url] | [url==http//laptops.mjrewardz.com/?ref=555]Laptops[=http//laptops.mjrewardz.com/?ref=555]Laptops[/url] | [url==http//tvs.mjrewardz.com/?ref=556]TVs[=http//tvs.mjrewardz.com/?ref=556]TVs[/url][/b1de2d7c01a]

2. Open a support ticket and identify the pictures!
3. Receive your Free Credit!
[b1de2d7c01a]Woot! Identifying!...wait.....How Do I do it? huh [/b1de2d7c01a]
Take this image for example
[b1de2d7c01a][img="1de2d7c01a]http//mjrewardz.com/images/Promotion/example.gif[" alt=""/img1de2d7c01a]

These are
[color=green1de2d7c01a]Possible Correct Answers[/color1de2d7c01a] [/b1de2d7c01a]MJRewardz Network Site [b1de2d7c01a]| [/b1de2d7c01a] MJRewardz banner [b1de2d7c01a]|[/b1de2d7c01a] A PS3, iPod, PayPal Logo on MJRewardz.com Banner on MJRewardz.com
[b1de2d7c01a][color=red1de2d7c01a]Incorrect Answers[/b1de2d7c01a][/color1de2d7c01a] Two black thingys on a silver thingy with a glowy blue thingy on top [b1de2d7c01a]| [/b1de2d7c01a]Part of MJRewardz.com stuff [b1de2d7c01a]|[/b1de2d7c01a] Something that says MJRewardz

- Simply put, you need to identify the image, not just describe it. I don't believe that it's that hard to identify all the images, although some may be more difficult that others. Google Search Hints will be provided if it turns out it's not as easily discoverable. Don't be afraid to tell us if you can't identify it! If enough people respond, we'll provide a Google Search Hint!

[b1de2d7c01a][i1de2d7c01a]As a courtesy to those around you, please do not post the answers on this post or any post regarding this matter. You may discuss the images, but please do not provide answers or Google Search Hints (Those will be provided by us if necessary). We want this to be a fun promotion for all so please don't ruin the fun![/i1de2d7c01a][/b1de2d7c01a]

[b1de2d7c01a]The Rules-o Mumble Jumble [/b1de2d7c01a]
[color=#6666661de2d7c01a]You MUST sign up under the links provided above. You may sign up unreferred, but FREE credit may or may not be given. Any other signup link that those allowed will not be able to participate in this promotion. This promotion begins of this posting (March 15, 2007, 645 PST) and will end April 15, 2007, 645 PST, however MJRewardz.com reserves the right to end this promotion at any time. All support tickets identifying the images must be received before April 15, 2007, 630 PST to participate in this promotion. There is no deadline to complete your account once you have received your FREE Credit. MJRewardz.com reserves the right to not issue FREE credit. Normal Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Rules are still in place. Rules may be updated but will only affect those that sign up after the update. Most importantly, have fun with this promotion!

Hope this can be a fun and exciting Promotion!
- MJRewardz Management D


21-03-2007 15:42:40


I'm baffled by #5 ?


21-03-2007 15:48:22

5 gave some people on a4f trouble if i remember correctly.


21-03-2007 15:55:28

[quote60e395d02d="O4F-Manofice"]5 gave some people on a4f trouble if i remember correctly.[/quote60e395d02d]

Thanks for the 'help'! ;)


21-03-2007 22:54:16

I'm still stumped by #4, although it might to obvious to some. It's not obvious to me. )=


22-03-2007 00:36:33

Grrr, I give up (


22-03-2007 10:04:18

Google Search Hints

#3 4 million possible configurations
#5 Digital Overload

- It doesn't lead you directly to the item, some clicks and searches should lead you to what/who your looking for!


25-03-2007 08:20:12

(PP.MJR-#681) I'm still waiting for my answers to be Verified.. http//www.anything4free.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/coffee.gif[" alt=""/img8c424ac932]


03-04-2007 07:48:53

Bump, TrubluFul your answers were verified a little more than a week ago.


09-04-2007 10:02:53


Any more hints that we can do for you guys? Let us know!!

-MJRewardz Support


09-04-2007 12:10:22

answer my support ticket? roll P


09-04-2007 16:18:51


What support ticket are you referring to? We do not have any open support tickets for your e-mail.

-MJRewardz Support


09-04-2007 16:52:14

nan, you just answered ty D