MJRewardz Raffle For A New NINTENDO WII! ONLY 4 SPOTS!

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19-02-2007 17:52:24

Hello FIPG!

MJRewardz is having a new promo, this one will be a raffle for a Nintendo Wii!

We know what you're thinking, you'll never win, right? But we will only have 4[/size1f2261be75] spots! You'll have a 25% chance at winning a Nintendo Wii!

Here is all you will have to do

1. PM me and receive a link to the offer "Earthlink"
2. Complete and have credit for the offer by signing up for their DSL service though the link, which costs as little as $13.00, plus you get DSL service!
3. Once your offer has greened you will be added into the raffle and when it reaches 4 users we will do the drawing!

[u1f2261be75][b1f2261be75]Other Rules[/b1f2261be75][/u1f2261be75]

- You must message me for a link to sign up, this will fill up very fast, but we will have more!

- You must message me when you have finished completing the offer

- If you do not message me saying you completed your offer within 48 hours from the time I sent you your link your spot in the raffle will be lost.

- If your offer does not green within 2 weeks(Very rare) your spot in the raffle will be forfeited(If it greens after the raffle is over you will receive compensation in the form of an iPod shuffle 2nd generation in the color of your choice or $80 Check/PayPal)

- You will be paid after 1 month has passed since you had joined the service with normal payout dates.

- If you do not want the Nintendo Wii you can choose to recieve $250 PayPal/Check/Visa by PM'ing me.


1. liTAKENli



19-02-2007 17:54:23

nice promo )


19-02-2007 18:30:51

Didn't...Earthlink drop out of the freebie business? This sounds fishy. Are you using your [i30e57741fd]own[/i30e57741fd] Earthlink referral link as the offer?


19-02-2007 18:33:03


Earthlink has just been added. It might have been gone, but it is back now!!

-MJRewardz Support


19-02-2007 19:20:39

I can vouch for this, I was informed that Earthlink Business DSL is an offer.


20-02-2007 06:07:27

So the people who already have DSL, can they still do this offer?


20-02-2007 06:29:36

[quote3366782be9="reggaeton"]So the people who already have DSL, can they still do this offer?[/quote3366782be9]

If it is EarthLink DSL, no, they can not.


20-02-2007 18:38:50

1 spot taken!


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26-02-2007 13:11:06

is this different from regular earthlink? i am curious if they would be better than verizon dsl


26-02-2007 14:14:28

[quote5feda3b4d2="jy3"]is this different from regular earthlink? i am curious if they would be better than verizon dsl[/quote5feda3b4d2]

Yes, it is a completly different service. Earthlink has always been reliable for me when I used to use it, so it could be better than verizon. I guess the only way to know for sure is to try it, and maybe you can even win a Wii in the process! D


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09-03-2007 10:08:57


This promotion is still currently running. Please get your spot reserved. Is there anything we can do or change to make you guys happier or to just make our site better overall? Let us know!!

-MJRewardz Management