$7.00 CASH For Everyone!!!

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FPZ Robin

18-08-2007 12:14:06

[b68fd3ee07a]FreePrizeGalaxy.com just rolled out a new promo for FIPG users $7.00 CASH for signing up[/color68fd3ee07a][/b68fd3ee07a]! woot [/size68fd3ee07a] thumbsup thumbsup Payable with first cashout! No code needed for new sign ups!

Current users... the first 100 users that send me code lucky7 thru a support ticket will get $7.00 on their next order! w00t Use your referral links to sign up people! You will earn 10% of all their earnings![/color68fd3ee07a] [/size68fd3ee07a]

[b68fd3ee07a]Post payment proof and be entered into our $100.00 monthly drawing. The more you post the more entries you will receive! Next drawing September 1st![/b68fd3ee07a]

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