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21-04-2007 13:43:29

Hello and welcome to the info page of yaitsfree.com on FIPG.

Yaitsfree is a referral based site, and can be done an unlimited amount of times.

We encompass a range of tech support options for your support question needs. Instant messaging support for your on the spot question answering; Standard support ticket inquiring, for your account and credential detailing questions;A forum catered for you general questions or for the bull to be shot; and last but not least you can email= us at email=admin@yaitsfree.comadmin@yaitsfree.com us at email=admin@yaitsfree.comadmin@yaitsfree.com/email.

[u60268d9c7e]Aim Details[/u60268d9c7e]
You can instant message us on AIM using the screenname yaitsfree[/color60268d9c7e]. We will assist you in anyway possible, or answer any questions you have about the site.

As you can conclude from visiting our main page we pay via paypal. You will be asked via support, upon cash out approval, what your paypal email address is. Furthermore we encourage our users to use verified accounts so we can stray away from frauds.

Payout are guarenteed on the 15-16 of every month[/color60268d9c7e] Usual payments are within the week of request.

[u60268d9c7e]Forum Details[/u60268d9c7e]
We encourage users to post everything and anything on our community forum website.(everything excludes pornography and offensive material) We want our members to have an at home feel when they join our community.

Anyways have fun making free money and feel free to contact us.