10% Bonuses + 1-in-5 chance of winning + Free Greens

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11-08-2008 20:58:55

Promo #1 (of 3)
1 in 5 is a winner![/color54fd846eac][/size54fd846eac]
That's right, this month for every referral that greens, you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning a prize, AND, your referral will win as well! The prize is $20 - to each of you.

How it works Each time you place an order, we'll draw a random number (1-500, from random.org) for your referral(s). If they are a winner (the # drawn is 1-100), we'll give you an extra $20 on your order, and then also send $20 to your referral.
Referrals must register and green during this month, and they must enter a PayPal email when they sign up.

Promo #2 (of 3)
10% bonus on orders![/color54fd846eac][/size54fd846eac]
We're giving you a 10% bonus on all August referrals! That's an extra $4, $6, or $8 for each referral - depending on site. See list of sites at http//swiftrewards.net.

Again, referrals must sign up and green during this month in order for you to earn a bonus when cashing out with them.

Promo #3
Free Greens[/color54fd846eac][/size54fd846eac]
Sign up unreferred and get a free green on up to two sites!
Just open a support ticket.

At Swit Rewards we offer
- Near instant payments (minutes to hours). We'll cover your PayPal fees.
- Near instant support replies.
- Some of the highest offer weights available
- 1-referral cashouts
- Forever green and repeatable
- Wide selection of offers. Plus typically about 20-25 Canadian offers
- Increasingly higher payout bonuses for referring more people
- Unique features and design
- Trustworthiness We've been in business since February 2007