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11-05-2008 12:57:46

I would like to announce a new network from Somthin4Nothin, Swift Rewards. This is our new flagship network, however we will continue to operate the S4N sites as well. I'm sure you'll love what we've done with Swift Rewards.

Along with the incredible design, we've also got some great new features.

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This is the front page of our PS3 site. Although you can't see it in this screen, it offers both gaming goods and PayPal. The first thing to tell you about is the payout rates, most evident in those PayPal options. We're using a scaled payout table wherein the more referrals that you have, the more you are paid per referral.
Some things to note about this
[lib3967b355e] The payout rates [ib3967b355e]start[/ib3967b355e] at $40, $60, or $80 per referral (defending on site). We won't penalize you and give you lower-than-normal payouts if you only have one or two referrals. We [ib3967b355e]will[/ib3967b355e] give you bonuses above the standard rates for referring more people. It's like a never-ending promo.
[lib3967b355e] Scaled payout rates also apply to physical gifts. So we have lowered the number of referrals needed for those larger items - or have added bonus prizes to be included with an item - to make the value of your order as close as possible to the target payout (as an example, our PS3s include a free BluRay remote and a free HDMI cable).
[lib3967b355e] PayPal and gift card prizes clearly list the payout per referral, so that you can see how much extra you are getting.

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This is the Status page. There are several nice touches here, but let me point out one of the most significant things - the Referral Options link. Click there and you'll find two features
[lib3967b355e] [bb3967b355e]Custom Referral Link[/bb3967b355e]
Here you can change that impersonal, hard-to-remember referral link into something your own. For example, my ref link is [url=]http//[]http//[/url] [ib3967b355e]and[/ib3967b355e] this also works on all other Swift Rewards sites as well, so my link on our giftcards site would be [url=]http//[]http//[/url]
[lib3967b355e] [bb3967b355e]Message For Referrals[/bb3967b355e]
Here you can create a message to be shown to each of your referrals. You may want to provide your contact information, for example. This would appear on each of your referrals' Status page, until they dismiss the message.
We also have sig images. Here is a sample
[img="b3967b355e]http//[" alt=""/imgb3967b355e]

Mentioning referrals, here is one quick feature to note. On your Status screen, you can see the date and time that your referrals last logged in, by simply moving your mouse over their email address.

When it comes to offers, most sites use fractions. This work OK, but when, for example, an offer isn't paying the site well enough for it to be set at 1/2 credit, the admin will often place it at 1/4 instead. You, the member, lose out on getting as much credit as possible from that offer. Some sites try to alleviate this by having a middle ground, 1/3 credit. You get more credit than if it were 1/4, but now you're confused ("What's 1/3 plus 1/2 plus 1/4, and is that enough to go green?"). At Somethin4Nothin, we began using decimals for offer values instead, so in this example, that offer that couldn't quite be made half credit, would be .4 credits (more than 1/3) on our site. We give you as much as possible for each offer (including .6 or .7 credits for some offers that can only be placed at 1/2 on other networks). It's also very easy to add together two or more offers' values.
With Swift Rewards, we wanted to continue this system, as it is much better. We are going to have sites that pay $40/ref, $60/ref, and $80/ref, with each being (technically) 1-credit sites, so we realized we needed an even more flexible system, and thus, have adopted percentages. So now you simply need to attain 100% credit to be fully green. Since all sites are "1-credit", an offer worth 60% credit at a $40 per referral site, such as Cards, would be worth 30% on an $80 per referral site (which will come soon). On a site paying you $60/ref, it would be worth 40%.

Continuing with our goal of adding features that help you, once you have one offer completion, each offer will then list - in addition to it's credit value - the total amount of credit that you would have upon completing it. For example, if you have 30% credit already, an offer worth 40% credit will display " 40% (70%) ". No more doing math in your head ;)

Now that I've covered the major points, let me talk about the launch itself. We launched on May 3rd with two sites -- PS3 and Cards -- and have since added three more, Cash, 360, and Photo.

Playstation 3 with HDMI cables and remote -- 7 Referrals
Playstation 3 with Two Games -- 8 Referrals
Any PS3 Game -- 1 Referral
Any Two PS3 Games -- 2 Referrals
DualShock3 Controller -- 1 Referral
Guitar Hero 3 + $40 -- 2 Referrals
Rockband -- 3 Referrals
BluRay Movies -- 1 Referral
$60 PayPal ($60/ref) -- 1 Referral
$120 PayPal ($60/ref) -- 2 Referrals
$185 PayPal ($61.66/ref) -- 3 Referrals
$315 PayPal ($63/ref) -- 5 Referrals
$450 PayPal ($64.28/ref) -- 7 Referrals
$675 PayPal ($67.50/ref) -- 10 Referrals
Custom Order -- ? Referrals

$40 Gift Card ($40/ref) -- 1 Referral
$80 Gift Card ($40/ref) -- 2 Referrals
$125 Gift Card ($41.66/ref) -- 3 Referrals
$215 Gift Card ($43/ref) -- 5 Referrals
$205 Gift Card ($43.57/ref) -- 7 Referrals
$450 Gift Card ($45/ref) -- 10 Referrals

Gift cards available - Amazon, Apple Store, Apple iTunes, Best Buy, Circuit City, Dick's Sporting Goods, Foot Locker, GAP, JCPenny, Kohls, Old Navy, Target, Walmart
PayPal also an option.

$80 Gift Card ($80/ref) -- 1 Referral
$160 Gift Card ($80/ref) -- 2 Referrals
$250 Gift Card ($83.33/ref) -- 3 Referrals
$425 Gift Card ($85/ref) -- 5 Referrals
$599 Gift Card ($85.57/ref) -- 7 Referrals
$900 Gift Card ($90/ref) -- 10 Referrals

XBox 360 with 20GB Harddrive + 1600 Live Points -- 6 Referrals
XBox 360 Arcade Bundle + 1600 Live Points -- 5 Referrals
XBox 360 Elite System -- 7 Referrals
Any XBox 360 Game -- 1 Referral
Any Two XBox 360 Games -- 2 Referrals
12 Month Live Gold Card & Wireless Network Adapter -- 2 Referrals
Guitar Hero 3 + $40 -- 2 Referrals
Rockband + 1600 Live Points -- 3 Referrals
$60 PayPal ($60/ref) -- 1 Referral
$120 PayPal ($60/ref) -- 2 Referrals
$185 PayPal ($61.66/ref) -- 3 Referrals
$315 PayPal ($63/ref) -- 5 Referrals
$450 PayPal ($64.28/ref) -- 7 Referrals
$675 PayPal ($67.50/ref) -- 10 Referrals
Custom Order -- ? Referrals

$40 PayPal ($40/ref) -- 1 Referral
$80 PayPal ($40/ref) -- 2 Referrals
$125 PayPal ($41.66/ref) -- 3 Referrals
$215 PayPal ($43/ref) -- 5 Referrals
$205 PayPal ($43.57/ref) -- 7 Referrals
$450 PayPal ($45/ref) -- 10 Referrals
Custom Order -- ? Referrals
Canon PowerShot SD1000 -- 4 Referrals
Canon PowerShot A590IS + $15 -- 4 Referrals
Sony Cybershot DSCW120 -- 5 Referrals
Canon PowerShot Pro Series S5 IS -- 7 Referrals
Canon Digital Rebel XT -- 10 Referrals
Canon Pixma iP4500 Photo Inkjet Printer + $30 -- 3 Referrals
Canon Pixma MP610 All-In-One Printer + Ink -- 4 Referrals
Flip Video Camcorder + $30 -- 4 Referrals
Canon VIXIA HF100 HD Camcorder -- 16 Referrals
Sony DCR-DVD610 DVD Handycam Camcorder -- 8 Referrals

We are having a promo this month (May) free greens on up to two sites of your choice. Please submit a support ticket to receive them.

Would you rather get more cash? Here's a second option for you
1. Sign up unreferred
2. Complete your offers
3. Submit a support ticket by the end of this month, to let us know that you want extra cash on your next order.
Whenever you place your order (it doesn't have to be by the end of this month, and there is no minimum order -- 1-ref cashouts are OK) we'll add bonus cash to your payment (or prize). The amount you'll receive depends on the site
Order at Cash and receive a $40 bonus. Order at 360 or PS3 and receive a $30 bonus. Order at Cards or Photo and receive a $20 bonus.

Next month we will have a huge giveaway )

We offer
- Near instant payments (within hours). We'll cover your PayPal fees.
- Near instant support replies. We are friendly and helpful.
- We are forever green and repeatable
- Wide selection of offers
- Increasingly higher payout bonuses for referring more people
- Unique features and design
- Trustworthiness We've been in business since February 2007


11-05-2008 22:27:23

Your sites look really cool. I like the setups. I hope to do lots of business with you guys. thanks. Marie