News will no longer be posted here - FIPG is dead

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10-02-2008 14:44:44

It's simply not worth the time to post news here. Particularly because this is the only freebie forum that uses phpBB, and I have to edit the formatting of all of my font colors/sizes, urls, image tags, etc, just to post something that I am also posting on other forums (A4F, FLR, and sometimes RS). Plus it's obvious that FIPG simply does not have much traffic anymore. If you are looking for the latest news, go to A4F. PM or email me if you happen to need the link.

I also have objections about the closed nature of the ranking system here, and the generally less-friendly vibe. But what it comes down to ultimately is that there is not enough activity at FIPG for me to monitor or post here.

Thank you.



12-04-2008 23:58:03

no! don't cause our demise sooner than need be

if you go elsewhere we will CRUMBLE!!!



13-04-2008 12:24:32

well, at A4F and FLR my forums are active. almost none of the forums here are active. and whenever i post news, i have to redo my thread to get it to work here, cause the BBcode is different. it's annoying.
plus, the site ratings on FIPG are BS. not just cause i got a 2.something from the one rater, but because you look through it and see Free4Me gettign 0.4 from more than one person. right.... at least A4F lets the members vote...
A4F is more friendly too. some of the mods here can be dicks.
but yeah, FIPG is already crumbling...


14-04-2008 08:22:49

The part about the mods is true...A4Fs mods are all about puppies and lollipops


14-04-2008 09:10:10

And KeithA is the only dick mod here.


On a more serious note if you're that unhappy here, we're sorry to see you go but won't beg you to stay either. OTOH, there are some major changes forthcoming at FiPG, because I will be the first to say things are a bit stale here. The forum as a whole is in the process of being revamped, but it's a time consuming process. The ratings system is also going to be re-engineered to what I think will be a favorable compromise between reckless let-everybody-vote-anonymously-and-take-bribes-or-retaliate abandon, and let-only-a-couple-dozen-elders-who-don't-do-refs-anymore exclusivity. We're aiming for a much wider but still closely monitored participation, with a more fair ratings procedure than we have now (such as a minimum threshold for number of raters, so that the first good or bad rater doesn't unfairly or unreasonably represent your rating).

So if you care to be patient and stick around, I think you'll find things improving greatly. Or don't, it's up to you.


14-04-2008 11:14:14

Heh, alrightty. Sorry if i went on a rant.
I've never been a big FIPGer, but I do hope you guys can inject some energy into this place, and catch up a bit more with the other two forums that seem to work constantly to keep things fresh. I'd like to get some use out of the money I paid for my subforum ;)


14-04-2008 22:12:39

Nice . I'm vicki,i will do it now.