My Very 1st Payment From S4N - $40 From Gaming! Thanks guys!

Live forum:


05-02-2008 10:29:54

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05-02-2008 20:57:57

hey, finally some action over here at FIPG ;)

congrats Kat )

miss edie

06-02-2008 07:22:08

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07-02-2008 18:30:53

[quote64e70f16fc="gnznroses"]hey, finally some action over here at FIPG ;)

congrats Kat )[/quote64e70f16fc]

Thanks Jeremy!!! 8) Hey, I'm waiting on my next one RIGHT NOW. Then I can post another proof pic for ya! wink Still have to get these in at your site though for the contest.

Thanks Miss Edie!!! =) Awwww, I love that Betty Boop. I'm an irish red-head too, so that's a perfect Betty! D


08-02-2008 20:23:02

Here's a bumpie for today!


09-02-2008 16:13:06

You've received your second payment now, haven't you? I just want to make sure there wasn't an error since you haven't mentioned it ;)


12-02-2008 16:48:22

Yep, just been busy, so I haven't got it up on this forum just yet. I'll get it up tonight or tomorrow for all to see. =)

Have you checked A4F & FLR yet? It's there. wink