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03-02-2008 12:25:23

[bd1ba037b11]I'm happy to announce the all-new[=http//][/bd1ba037b11]
We'll be keeping the same URL as our previous computer site, however every prize is new, and the site now pays $80 per referral (it is now a 2-credit site).

Here are the current prizes

http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]Apple MacBook[/bd1ba037b11] (16 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]Apple MacBook Air[/bd1ba037b11] (22 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]Apple iMac with 20" Display[/bd1ba037b11] (19 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]Asus 2G 7" Micro Laptop[/bd1ba037b11] (4 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]Asus 4G 7" Micro Laptop[/bd1ba037b11] (5 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]Acer Small Form-Factor Desktop[/bd1ba037b11] (7 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]HP Pavilion Desktop[/bd1ba037b11] (10 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]HP Pavilion Tablet PC[/bd1ba037b11] (15 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]Sony Vaio Laptop[/bd1ba037b11] (10 Referrals)

[img="d1ba037b11]http//[" alt=""/imgd1ba037b11]
[bd1ba037b11]Sony VAIO with 22" Monitor[/bd1ba037b11] (23 Referrals)

[bd1ba037b11]$400[/bd1ba037b11] (5 Referrals)
[bd1ba037b11]$800[/bd1ba037b11] (10 Referrals)
[bd1ba037b11]Custom Order[/bd1ba037b11] (? Referrals)

[size=14d1ba037b11][color="#4B0082"]I am also updating our [url==http//][bd1ba037b11]February promo[/bd1ba037b11][=http//][bd1ba037b11]February promo[/bd1ba037b11][/url], due to Comps now being a 2-credit site. [bd1ba037b11]Referrals who green during Februaury can be worth as much as $95 each.[/bd1ba037b11][/color][/sized1ba037b11]

For those who have been working on the site under the old rules, we are giving you options on how you would like to proceed. You may...

- continue with the site, combining previously completed referrals (two referrals with one full credit each will count as one referral with two full credits)
- place a Custom Order and receive $40 for each completed referral that you have now. You can also receive payment for incomplete referrals who have received an offer credit since January 1st, 2008.
- have your referrals complete more offers to reach the new requirements

Please let us know if you wish to choose the second option and need a credit applied to your account, to enable you to order.
We will address any other concerns or issues as needed; just submit a support ticket.