December Promotions

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01-12-2007 17:44:03

This month we have two great promos that I know you'll enjoy. They are the Easy Christmas Cash Promo[/sizef440c7d9a6] and the December Referral Contest[/sizef440c7d9a6].

Easy Christmas Cash Promo[/sizef440c7d9a6][/colorf440c7d9a6]
We ran this same proom back in Sepetember and had a great response. I thought it would be fitting to run it again this month so that you can earn some easy cash. Here is how it works Sign up, unreferred, on any of our sites, complete your offers ("green") by December 25th, and we'll pay you the full value of your green, which is
On Cash [bf440c7d9a6]$80[/bf440c7d9a6]
On Tech, Gaming, Home, Kids, Comps, or Fun [bf440c7d9a6]$40[/bf440c7d9a6]
On Half [bf440c7d9a6]$20[/bf440c7d9a6]
(Points and Cashback sites are excluded, since they are DIY sites)

All you have to do is sign up, green, and then submit a support ticket. We'll enable your account to place an order with [if440c7d9a6][bf440c7d9a6]no referrals required[/bf440c7d9a6][/if440c7d9a6], for the amount listed above!
Last time we ran this promo we had many people asking for a free green[/colorf440c7d9a6] in lieu of being paid for their green. I've decided to allow that again, but only for the first [bf440c7d9a6]15[/bf440c7d9a6] people who ask (you must post your referral ID in this thread).

December Referral Contest[/sizef440c7d9a6][/colorf440c7d9a6]
This will be our first-ever referral contest (of this type), and it's quite simple The person with the most green referrals at the end of the month will receive $150[/sizef440c7d9a6][/colorf440c7d9a6]. The runner up will receive $50[/colorf440c7d9a6].
Important note You have to let us know that you are participating, by opening a support ticket, at any point this month. We will only be tallying the referrals of those who have informed us that they are participating.
All referrals' accounts will be reviewed on January 1st, and the winner will be announced & paid either on the 1st, or the 2nd.
I'm sure you know, but to be clear, your referrals have to green during this month; Existing unused greens from past months will not be count in the contest.[/sizef440c7d9a6]

Also, when I said at the start of this post that we have two great promos, I was lying, because we actually have [bf440c7d9a6]three[/bf440c7d9a6] ) As always we are running our [if440c7d9a6]monthly contest[/if440c7d9a6] at http//
You need to create a Points account to enter, and then you wiin entries by playing arcade-style games. You can then complete No-CC offers (or, of course, regular offers) to enable you to keep playing and winning more tickets.
Additionally, each time you submit a proof pic on these forums, we'll give you 20 entries.

And, in fact, I'm still lying, because we actually have a [bf440c7d9a6]fourth promo[/bf440c7d9a6] that began recently which remains un-won. We just recently launched our newest site, which includes many different gifts that your kids would love. The first person who orders from our Kids site will receive a mystery bonus gift as well!

You can combine ALL of these promos. You could sign up unreferred on Kids, get paid $40 for greening, refer many others to win the referral contest, place the first order to receive the bonus gift, and then post a proof pic of it all to enter our monthly contest!