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01-11-2007 16:39:17

I would like to introduce an innovative new feature that we've been hard at work on, as well as a new costest for the month of November.

[b188e2e1ce7]New Feature & Related Contest[/color188e2e1ce7][/size188e2e1ce7][/b188e2e1ce7]
We're finally able to reveal the latest new feature of our network Promo Codes. These user-created promo codes will be an excellent way for you to obtain referrals from outside the usual channels. Promo Codes have many advantages over referral links, such as[list188e2e1ce7]
[li188e2e1ce7]Most people outside of the freebie scene look down on referral links. Many people will even take their time to remove the referral section from the end of a link before using it. Promo Codes on the other hand are very appealing because they are not just an obvious way for [i188e2e1ce7]you [/i188e2e1ce7]to benefit, but the person using them benefits as well.
[li188e2e1ce7]Promo Codes work network-wide, so if you are working on Tech.S4N, but the person seeing your code decides to sign up on Gaming instead, you will still receive credit for referring them. You can even receive credit for people who sign up on our Points site.
[li188e2e1ce7]When giving a Promo Code, you do not need to provide a referral link, which means you can post your code places where referral links are not allowed (non-freebie forums, etc). This isn't an invitation for you to spam your codes, but a way for you to seek referrals from people who might legitimately be interested.
[/listu188e2e1ce7]Now when you log in to your account on any one of our sites, you will find a link to our Promo Codes page. This page is network-wide, so you can access it from any of your accounts. You can create you own codes, with a user-value of your choice (for example, giving the user an extra $10 with their first order). You can also see who has used your codes, whether they've met their offer requirements, etc -- just as you do with any other referrals.
You can cash out your earnings after you've accrued $50 or more, or (when the option is made available within the next couple of days) you can apply your earnings directly to your referral requirements (on the site of your choice).

[b188e2e1ce7]Promo Codes Contest[/b188e2e1ce7]
The person who gets the most [i188e2e1ce7]signups[/i188e2e1ce7], via promo codes, during this month, will receive $100.
[/size188e2e1ce7]Your referrals do not even need to meet their offer requirements -- as long as they sign up, it counts. Of course only legitimate accounts will be considered.
The winner will be announced and paid December 1st or 2nd.

Inspired by the A4F Wiki, I would like to present a quick overview of our network, highlighting the reasons why you should choose us for your next freebie.

[b188e2e1ce7]Shipping & Approval[/b188e2e1ce7][/size188e2e1ce7][/color188e2e1ce7]
We typically approve orders within 1-2 days. Sometimes it's only a matter of hours. The moment your order is approved, we will send your payment or place an order for your gift. We use fast, 2-day shipping on most physical gifts.

Most support tickets are answered in under an hour. It is rare for an answer to take more than a few hours. (Tickets submitted overnight or early in the morning are answered at around 2 PM EST.)

[b188e2e1ce7]Offer Selection[/b188e2e1ce7]
Typically 100+
Currently 102
Typically 20-25
Currently 27
[b188e2e1ce7]Other Countries ("International")
[/b188e2e1ce7]Typically ~10
Currently 12

[b188e2e1ce7]What our members are saying[/b188e2e1ce7][/size188e2e1ce7][/color188e2e1ce7]
[i188e2e1ce7]"Somethin 4 Nothin has the best support, fast response and are an awesome network all around! Thanks!"
[/i188e2e1ce7]Stefani - Toledo, OH (received a Sony Vaio)

[i188e2e1ce7]"Thanks! You guys really are awesome and great customer service."
[/i188e2e1ce7]Anna - Raleigh, NC (received a 2GB iPod Nano)

[i188e2e1ce7]"Great site. The offers are easy and cheap. I was approved and paid within 24 hours of submittal and support was awesome."
[/i188e2e1ce7]Judith - Mount Vernon, IN (received $560 PayPal)

[i188e2e1ce7]"Thank you for the very prompt payout for gaming.somethin4nothin! I just went green on the site today, put in my order and support ticket and you paid out within minutes! FANTASTIC!"
[/i188e2e1ce7]Pearl - Charlotte, NC (received $40 PayPal)

[i188e2e1ce7]"Somethin4Nothin was absolutely terrific on the turnaround time on my recent cashout. On support tickets, the response time was similar. The service has been terrific. THANKS !!! AND THANKS!!!"
[/i188e2e1ce7]Marvin - Vestavia Hills, AL (received $80 PayPal)

[i188e2e1ce7]"Amazing network!"
[/i188e2e1ce7]Francisca - Bronx, NY (received $320 PayPal)

During the latest A4F Network Status polls, our members gave us a 94% rating (averaging the scores from 9 votes).


04-11-2007 11:58:23

as promised you can now apply your earnings toward your referral requirements.

also, someone asked me if they have to be green in order to enter the promo codes contest. not only do you not have to be green to enter, but you don't even have to be green to cash out! of course if you apply your earnings toward your referral requirements, then you would, but you can receive payment from your promo code referrals without completing any offers.