Proof Pics

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09-10-2007 21:29:55

Starting today we are introducing a new incentive for people to submit proof pictures. For each picture/testimonial that you submit, you get 20 entries into our monthly contest. You can either post them on the forums or email= them to us at them to us at
This month's drawing is for $75 or a free iPod Shuffle.

You could even combine this with our October promo[=http//]October promo that triples your contest entries when you place an order on Half.S4N sometime this month.

This will apply retroactively to any pyments or gifts you have received in the past. So if you received a payment from us and never posted a proof pic for it, you can still do so (PayPal's transaction history is your friend ;)).

By the way, there's currently only 23 contest entries for this month, so submitting one pic would give you nearly a 50/50 chance of winning ;)