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03-10-2007 10:35:31

[b2c23d2f368]I'm happy to announce several new updates, including a new site.[/b2c23d2f368]

First, I've updated lots of gifts[/size2c23d2f368]

Old Gift Toshiba DVD Recorder with 160 GB HDD (9 refs)
New Gift Toshiba Upconverting DVD Recorder (4 refs)

Old Gift Canon PowerShot 6 MP Digital Camera (6 refs)
New Gift Canon PowerShot 8 MP Digital Camera (6 refs)

Old Gift Viewsonic 37-inch LCD HDTV (25 refs)
New Gift Viewsonic 37-inch LCD HDTV (23 refs)

Old Gift Olevia 37-inch LCD HDTV (21 refs)
New Gift Olevia 37-inch LCD HDTV (20 refs)

Old Gift Piranha Paintball Pack (3 refs)
New Gift Viewloader Paintball Kit (2 refs)

Old Gift GMC Topkick Mountain Bike (4 refs)
New Gift Mongoose Mountain Bike (4 refs)

Old Gift Onkyo Home Theater System (9 refs)
New Gift Onkyo Home Theater System (11 refs)
The old system was a 6.1 (6 speakers + 1 subwoofer), the new system is a 7.1

Old Gift Samsung Home Theater System (12 refs)
New Gift Sony Home Theater System (7 refs)

Old Gift 16 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (1 ref)
New Gift 12 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (1 ref)

Old Gift iPod Nano 4GB (5 refs)
New Gift iPod Nano 4GB (4 refs)

Old Gift iPod Nano 8GB (6 refs)
New Gift iPod Nano 4GB (5 refs)

Old Gift 1 GB iPod Shuffle (3 refs)
New Gift 1 GB iPod Shuffle (2 refs)
It should have been 2 to start with. Not sure what happened...
Added the new color options also.

Old Gift 80 GB iPod video (9 refs)
New Gift 80 GB iPod Classic (7 refs)

Added 160 GB iPod Classic (9 refs)
Added 8 GB iPod Touch (8 refs)
Added 16 GB iPod Touch (10 refs)

Now for the new site[/size2c23d2f368]

It seems like so many networks these days are coming out with sites offering more and more per referral -- $120, $150, etc -- which may sound good until you realize they naturally require 3-4 times as many offer credits as a $40 per referral site. So, I've decided to go in the other direction, instead of following the crowd.
Today I would like to announce [b2c23d2f368][/b2c23d2f368][=http//][b2c23d2f368][/b2c23d2f368].
Half pays you $20 per referral and only requires 1/2 credit to meet your requirements. (Have you ever referred someone who signs up, gets partial credit, then quits before meeting the requirements? Well now 1/2 credit [i2c23d2f368]is[/i2c23d2f368] the requirement!)

It offers a varied selection of gifts

Wii Charge Station (2 Referrals)
16 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (3 Referrals)
1 GB iPod Shuffle (4 Referrals)
Dual CD/MP3 radio (4 Referrals)
$100 (5 Referrals)
Hoover Bagless Vacuum (5 Referrals)
Any 2 Video Games (6 Referrals)
Takamine Acoustic Guitar (6 Referrals)
Nintendo DS Lite (7 Referrals)
Toshiba Upconverting DVD Recorder (7 Referrals)
iRobot Roomba Red Robotic Vacuum (8 Referrals)
$160 (8 Referrals)
4 GB iPod Nano (8 Referrals)
Playstation Portable (PSP) (9 Referrals)

There are two things different about this new site. First, it's limited to one order only. Second, there is no Custom Order option.

Since I know it'll be asked no, there are no free greens. It's only 1/2 credit people... P
(Plus, free greens [i2c23d2f368]shouldn't[/i2c23d2f368] be expected, and it seems that it's becoming that way these days. All Somethin4Nothin free-green promos have been of a limited nature, and will likely become even more limited in the future. I hope others will follow this course as well.)

I have lots of plans for the near and not-so-near future. One item on the agenda soon is to update the gifts on Comps, to make sure you're getting the latest and greatest components for the number of referrals required.

If you have any feedback, feel free to share it.

Where's the Promo?[/size2c23d2f368]

This month's promo will tie in with our monthly contest, which runs each and every month, and requires [i2c23d2f368]nothing[/i2c23d2f368] from you -- no offer completions or referrals. If you've never entered the contest, what are you waiting for? Register now at http//[]http//
As an added bonus, if you place an order on our new site, Half, before the end of this month, we'll [b2c23d2f368]triple[/b2c23d2f368] the number of tickets you have in the drawing. That means you can earn up to 96 free entries. [b2c23d2f368]This month's prize is a 1GB iPod Shuffle (or $75).[/b2c23d2f368]

(The winner of the September drawing was


03-10-2007 13:05:00

Is that means the new site is repeatable?


03-10-2007 14:23:17

Actually, this will be our only site that [ib86a9d0331]isn't[/ib86a9d0331] repeatable.
I believe you chashed out before we adopted the new policy of being repeatable and forever green. If you would like to repeat the site that you cashed out on last time, just open a support ticket and I'll apply a free green to that account to "re-green" you.