Our Biggest Promo Yet

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02-08-2007 17:11:33

As promised, the promo from last month will continue through August 31st, but there have also been additions to make the promo even bigger!

First, this is what is being carried over from last month

[b9b0a9d08e4]Free Bonus Prize with Every Order[/b9b0a9d08e4][/size9b0a9d08e4]

Receive a 15% bonus[/color9b0a9d08e4] on all cash gifts[/size9b0a9d08e4]

Receive a free game of your choice[/color9b0a9d08e4] with any game console or handheld[/size9b0a9d08e4]

Receive a free movie[/color9b0a9d08e4] (DVD, BluRay, or HD-DVD) with any home theater system[/size9b0a9d08e4]

Receive a free inkjet printer[/color9b0a9d08e4] with any PC[/size9b0a9d08e4]

Receive a free notebook security lock[/color9b0a9d08e4] with any laptop[/size9b0a9d08e4]

Receive a free DVD player/recorder[/color9b0a9d08e4] with any TV[/size9b0a9d08e4]

Receive a free guitar tuner[/color9b0a9d08e4] with any guitar[/size9b0a9d08e4]

Receive a bonus $5 per referral[/color9b0a9d08e4] for all non-cash gifts not covered by the statements above (or you can choose the $5 bonus instead of the normal bonus listed)[/size9b0a9d08e4]

To receive your bonus
You must place your order during the month of August
You must simply open a support ticket and tell us where you heard about our promo (A4F, FIPG, a friend, etc)
Also, if you are ordering a non-cash prize and will be receiving the $5 per ref bonus, you must make sure your PayPal email address is on file.

[b9b0a9d08e4]Free Offer Credits[/b9b0a9d08e4][/size9b0a9d08e4]
As an added bonus, the first [b9b0a9d08e4]20[/b9b0a9d08e4] people to sign up unreferred (including those who have already signed up), that post in this thread (or it's counterpart on another forum) their referral ID, will receive a free offer credit (two offer credits on Cash)!
Limit one per person.

[b9b0a9d08e4]Our Other Monthly Contest[/b9b0a9d08e4][/size9b0a9d08e4]
As always we also have another contest running this month; our monthly contest at http//somethin4nothin.com/contest
Remember, no offer credits or referrals are even necessesary! You get two completely free entries each and every month. The prize this month is any video game of your choice, or $60 PayPal (or money order).

Last month's winner was [i9b0a9d08e4]rocketfan123[/i9b0a9d08e4].

[b9b0a9d08e4]Other News[/b9b0a9d08e4][/size9b0a9d08e4]
Additionally, our popular $250 PayPal option is being changed to $265. The number of referrals needed will remain the same.
I have also added the XBox 360 Elite, and in the future will likely be adding limited-supply prizes sooner. I have not done so in the past because it usually means waiting for weeks or months for your prize to finally be shipped, but I have been asked by many several people to do this, and I know it is popular on other networks -- long wait times or not. As always, feel free to provide feedback on changes you would like to see.


03-08-2007 10:54:24

I signed up at gaming. Referral ID is 2300. I already submitted a support ticket.

I would like to receive my free offer credit! )



03-08-2007 10:58:18

credit applied )


03-08-2007 11:09:02

Thank you!!!! ;)